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       The TM-01 kit for equipping the semi-professional and hobby machine tools (a milling cutter, turning lathe, drill etc.) with a system of digital position measurement (DRO). The system is meant for the precision readout of linear and rotational movements of machine parts and mechanisms along 3 axes. The kit contains 1 to 3 miniature position sensors, a magnetic strip (length depends on the order), a protective steel band and a measuring software. For displaying, a PC, a tablet or a mobile phone with Windows operating system, and minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, can be used. The sensors are manufactured with either UART TTL, RS232, USB or Bluetooth connectivity. The installation is very simple and the sensors are of one of the smallest variety among similar sensors on the market. The set allows you to set up a quality system of digital measurement system, even with such a small tools like the mini milling cutter PROXXONN MF70, or the miniature lathe SM-300E. But even with bigger machine tools this set find its uses, especially when the measurement needs to be carried out in limited spaces, or when the requirement is, for the movement of the parts to be restricted as little as possible. The measurement is carried out either in metric units (mm), or in Anglo-American units (inches). Upon request we can also offer a miniature module for connecting up another sensors to the system, for instance incremental optical sensors with TTL output (max. 5V). Advanced sensor settings in the menu, allows you to set the number of impulses per mm, the type of movement and also the direction of measurement.


 Mini lathe SM-300 E (X axis)                                     Mini lathe SM-300 E (Y axis)

  Mini lathe SM-300 E (Z axis)                      Cross table for mini mill PROXXONN MF-70

Variant with stainless steel protection tube
Please download user`s manual for details =>

We have also sensors with USB, RS232 and Bluetooth

Please contact us on  sales@sitall.cz

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